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“Truth for Truckers: “Right on Time” *December 29, 2013*

Truth for Truckers:   “Right on Time”      *December 29, 2013*
     It was a usual Sunday Morning. I got to the Truck-Stop about 8:00 A.M. and chatted with some of the employees. Alton, a believer, and I had a blessed conversation talking of how the Lord was using the ministry and each other by our fellowship. Also spoke with Terry another Believer/Biker from a local church we attend from time to time. 
     I discussed with him the pros and cons of adding a Harley to reach the Bikers that come into my zone. He has a Harley, but, as I told him, you don’t need a bike to reach Bikers. Then, I found out that a Bike Shop within a mile of the Truck-Stop was owned by a member of the Hell’s Angels and we discussed other Harley memories from the past years when I was still riding and attending Bob Jones University. We both knew a mutual Harley drag-racer/mechanic in Greenville.
    I gave the Lord the glory for His supply as we did not owe the University even though the Lord had me working full time in Engineering and three young-uns going to private school at the same time. I recalled how He paid off the bills by selling my three Harleys, one by one, “Right on Time” including my oldest daughter’s wedding. Praise the Lord! 
     It was good to reminisce about how the Lord has been supplying our needs “Right on Time” as usual, as He has done since the day He saved my soul March 7, 1980.  Our mutual conversation started when he told me of his daughter going to school in Charleston studying to be a veterinarian. I told him of our youngest Grand-daughter, who also wants to be a veterinarian because she loves animals. The Lord puts together our fellowship just like He puts together the rest of our lives. He knows just what we need and always delivers “Right on Time”. He has it all planned, praise His holy name.
     I was planning a message to preach to the trucker/truckers who would come at 10:00 as I sat sipping my coffee when all these things came together, and at 9:00 I went out to our Mobile Chapel and did a few laps around the rigs parked in the lot. A couple of Spanish drivers came into view and when one of them walked close to the Van/Chapel as he returned to his rig, I caught his attention and opened the door and handed him one of the “El Camino de Dios” [The Way to God] tracts! He came by the Van “Right on Time”. When I called him over by saying “Amigo”, he smiled, took the tract and said “Gracias”. You really don’t need to know much Spanish to reach out to Latinos with the Gospel as the Lord leads.
     Who knew back in the sixties that the Chevrolet El Camino meant “The Way”? GM made it to battle the Ford Ranchero, the first  small truck in the market. Sure, all the Spanish speaking people knew, but us red-necks didn’t have a clue! We Ford fans only knew that the Ranchero was the best of the two and the Ford-Chevy battle still rages on!
    But, the best is yet to come. I noticed a Driver who looked into the Van a number of times and although it seemed that nobody was coming to the Sunday Service, when I parked the Van that Driver came from a good distance away. His name is James and he lives in Sarasota, Fl. He was saved in 1992, over twenty years ago when he was forty-one, later in life much like me. We had a lot in common as we fellowshipped for about fifteen minutes, which was longer than usual. 
     He asked me if I was with a church or trucker ministry organization and I explained to him that I was an independent Chaplain which led me to explain the likelihood of error when an organization gets involved with church doctrine/ money etc. like many of the denominations/conventions. I recommended an independent Bible preaching church. I explained to him that money was not what was necessary but prayer was the great missing ingredient and that was what I needed. 
     Money cannot buy prayer/Spiritual power/blessing! But, prayer is what makes God’s mechanisms/organisms operate because it is the oil of the Holy Spirit that causes all things Spiritual to run smooth. After we solved all of the existing world problems, touching lightly on end-times prophecy, the Lord said it was time for the message. John 15:1-8 was the passage with (v.7) as the text. Scripture memory/meditation was the discipleship emphasis, designed for Truckers.
    However, the “Right on Time” in this case was when the message was over and James proceeded to write me a check for just what we needed due to multiple expenses we have spent on the Van, plus literature cost, printing etc. His love gift was way more than we expected, but, because of our faithfulness to those we support in spite of our needs, God was once again “Right on Time”. Yes, the Lord, through those who He sends to our Mobile Chapel once again supplied our need!
 Chaplain L.E.Wolfe  I-85  Exit 35  SC      McPilot      Stop in, pray for us!

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