Thursday, June 5, 2014

Psalm 32 “Instruction...Direct from the Eye of God!”

“Truth for Truckers” *March 2, 2014*  Psalm 32 “Instruction...Direct from the Eye of God!”

     My grandson Joshua and I were frolicking in the fresh-fallen snow, well, it was really a combination of ice and snow and here in SC it was mostly ice this time, when the Lord taught me a lesson I had 'learned' before but had forgotten until this very day that Joshua came to our home to 'track a few wolves' with me. You have to remember, Joshua is seven and has a very vivid imagination, and the dog tracks in the woods behind our home, to him, were made by a huuuuuge’ wolf that was waiting behind every tree we approached.

     And, as we went through our ritual of a few steps and listen, a few steps and listen, we spied a large red-headed woodpecker about thirty feet up, pecking away furiously, paying no attention to us, even though with every step we crunched and crashed through the crusty white stuff, making enough noise to wake the dead it seemed, but we could not get that old redheaded woodpecker to leave the fresh meal of insects he was enjoying.

     So, while the opportunity was ripe, using a few things I had learned as we brought up our three children, I got Josh's attention with my eye, and throughout the day he responded with remarkable obedience. At that point in time I did not recall this specific promise of the Lord to the obedient child of God in Psalm 32:8, but I knew that it worked with my own 'younguns' even before I was saved just like every principle does in the Word of God! And, it is clear that He will do the same for His own children.

     Listen to the beauty and blessing of this one verse: 'I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go I will guide thee with Mine eye.' Yes, God is looking for those who He is able to guide with His eye, as a matter of Biblical fact, His eyes 'Run to and fro throughout the whole earth [searching] to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him...'
(II Chronicles 16:9)

     The Lord is looking for those who will bring themselves under His authority with just a simple command from His eye to ours by His indwelling Spirit in order to instruct, teach and guide us in the way. And, may we practice this same authority principle with those God gives us so that we, by keeping our eyes 'Ever toward the Lord' (Psalm 25:15), can rejoice in the great goodness of our God!

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