Thursday, June 5, 2014

Psalm 50 ‘Offer Sacrifice or Receive Judgment’

Truth for Truckers” *March 20, 2014* Psalm 50 ‘Offer Sacrifice or Receive Judgment

I. The Lord’s Universal Call and Warning of Judgment to Come (v.1-6)
A.     His call to all men from the beginning of time (v.1) (Psalm 19; Romans 1)
1.      Through creation
2.      Through conscience
3.      Through His Word
B.     His 3-1/2 year call through the Blood SACRIFICE of His Son (v.2) (Four Gospels; Hebrews 1:1ff)
C.     His warning of the coming judgment (v.3) (II Thessalonians 1:7,8; Revelation 8-19)
D.     His universal call before judgment at the end of the age/Day of the Lord (v.4-6)
1.      To the [angels] heavens from[His throne]above
2.      To the earth [all mankind]
3.      To His angels to gather His saints together
a.       Unto Him (Matthew 24:30,31; I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 7:9-17)
b.      Those that have made a covenant with Him by SACRIFICE (Hebrews 8:6, 9:28, 12:24, 13:20)
4.      And the heavens shall declare His righteousness (Matthew 24:14; Revelation 14:6,7; 15:3,4)
a.       Exaltation of His Son and the Blood SACRIFICE He offered to His Father
b.      Exaltation of the Glorious Redemption Plan of God through the Ages
 Illustr: The Continuing Declaration of His Righteousness through the Ages

II. The Lord’s End of the Age Warning/Recommendation to Israel (v.7-15)
A.     His Testimony is Against His people/the Nation of Israel (v.7)
B.     No reproof for giving unwanted Old Covenant SACRIFICES (v.8-13)
C.     His recommendation for New Covenant SACRIFICES (v.14,15)

III. The Lord’s Condemnation of all Religious Wicked Men (v.16-22)
A.     What have you to do to declare My statutes?
B.     Why should you take My covenant in thy mouth?
1.      Seeing you hate [My] instruction?
2.      Seeing that you are casting My Words behind thee?
C.     Wicked’s Seven Condemnations (v.18-22)
1.      You are Thieves
2.      You are Adulterers
3.      You speak Evil
4.      You speak Deceitfully
5.      You are Slanderers
6.      You are Thinking God is like you
7.      You are Forgetting God
D.     God’s Silence is coming to it’s end (v.3, 21)
E.      Future Day of the Lord and Final Great White Throne Judgment is coming (v.21)

IV. The Lord’s Merciful Reprieve to those who forget God (v.22, 23)
A.     Command to consider God’s Word in view of coming judgment (v.22)
B.     Call to offer New Covenant SACRIFICES unto God for salvation/deliverance from judgment (v.23)
1.      Give Rightful Praise to God
2.      Honor Him with Right Living

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