Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Psalm 30 “Praise for Deliverance ”

“Truth  for Truckers”  Psalm 30  “Praise for Deliverance ”

  I.Extolling the Lord (v.1-3)

A.      For Miraculous Victory (v.1)

B.      For Miraculous Healing (v.2)

C.      For Miraculous Deliverance (v.3)

II. Instructing the Saints (v.4-6)
A.     Commands to Sing (v.4a)

B.      Give Thanks at the Remembrance of His Holiness (v.4b)

C.     Reason for Commands (v.5, 6)
III. Depending on the LORD (v.7-10)
A.     His favor brings strength (v.7)

B.     Appealing for mercy (v.8-10)
IV. Deliverance by the Lord (v.11, 12)
A.     From Mourning to Gladness (v.11)

B.     From Silence to Singing (v.12)
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