Thursday, June 5, 2014

Psalm 54 “God is my Helper”

Truth for Truckers” *March 24, 2014* Psalm 54 “God is my Helper

     This brief outline gives David’s plan for getting action from God his Helper to intervene when he was under attack from Saul during the time when David was on the run hiding himself with a foreign nation.

I.                    Appealing for Help (v.1, 2)
A.     Save, O God by Thy name
B.     Judge me by Thy strength
C.     Hear my prayer O God
D.     Give ear to the words of my mouth
II.                 Attack of the Enemy (v.3)
A.     Strangers are risen up against me
B.     Oppressors seek after my soul
C.     They have not set God before them
III.               Answer from my Helper (v.4, 5)
A.     The Lord is with them that uphold my soul
B.     He shall reward evil unto my enemies
C.     Cut them off in Thy Truth
IV.              Adoration and Adulation to the Lord my Helper (v.6, 7)
A.     I will freely sacrifice unto Thee
B.     I will praise Thy name for it is good
C.     For He has delivered me out of all trouble
D.     My eye has seen His desire upon my enemies

     This cycle showing David’s action plan is definitely recommended for us when we are in a troublous situation. Regardless of the enemy or intensity, this is how to get God to act on our part in times of difficulty. So, Drivers, let us take the advice of David, a man who knew how to respond to trouble.

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