Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Divine Appointment Extraordinaire

Divine Appointment Extraordinaire

This morning seemed like a usual morning at the Pilot Truck-stop, but the Lord had other plans. While sitting in my usual spot reading my Bible and half listening to CNN i.e. Clinton News Network, a man called out to me asking me about the Tea Party. Before looking up, I thought who is this that hasn’t learned of this movement?

So, I spoke to him in brief about the news etc. and soon learned that he was searching…saw me reading my Bible etc. etc. Well, to make a long story short, after much trucking conversation etc. he came over and sat across from me in my booth and told me he had come to the place where he believed in the historical Jesus, but did not believe His death meant much to him.

He is going through a nasty divorce, losing his wife, home and family and has been blaming God for his life altering woes. But, the Lord gave me the ability to describe my life in brief before He brought me down to the place where He could save me. I explained to Brent about the disastrous calamity I faced over 30 years ago. And, in essence, it was much worse than the situation he found himself in at the moment.

Then, he said “But where is God in all this situation I am going through? How is He helping me to see…I’ve read the Bible” and I stopped him cold in his tracks by saying have you read the Gospel of John explaining its importance in the grand scheme of God’s Word telling him how God used it to save me! My older brother told me “If you have any questions about God read the Gospel of John…seven years later I did just that…reading a Bible my wife gave me a few years earlier…which I hadn’t touched until The Great Day!! March 7, 1980!!!

After outlining the formula for reading through the 21 chapters in a week, praying specifically before he reads for God to show Himself and direct him, he agreed and wrote the exact plan on my testimony tract that I had given him. By the way this plan was R.A.Torrey’s formula for soul-winning especially for skeptics like Brent.

The Lord told me to tell him that I was God’s answer to his pleas for help…and he stuttered and said “This could be a Divine intervention, I never went to Laredo, Texas this way…usually take I-40”…you know the rest! The Lord told me to tell him that he would get saved if he would follow these simple directions…three chapters a day…read through in a week…do it for four weeks...(I added a little punch to Torrey’s plan…hah!)

He was astounded to say the least as he gazed into my eyes when we parted, telling me he would do what I said and visit our website as we shook hands and he went on his way. Now, you prayer warriors can get in on the Lord’s work here…apply the power of God in this battle…please pray for Brent…he will get saved…Amen?

The Lord has urged me to praise Him for His marvelous working in answering our prayers. In the ten months that have passed since we moved to SC:
  1. He has opened the door to supply four local businesses with Gospel tracts and through this tract ministry He has given great opportunity to witness to many who are in need of the Savior.
  2. He has arranged Divine Appointments on a continual basis which shows us that we are in the right place at the right time in order to perform His will for our lives.
  3. He has supplied the equipment necessary to begin a preaching ministry on the Internet and at the present time we are praying for Him to open the door at the county prison.
  4. He has given us two Internet Schools, one in Kenya and one in the Philippines that are continuing to be blessed by His precious Word through our literature and support.
  5. He has sent many foreign Pastors and Evangelists to our website supplying us with the opportunity to be a blessing to them by sending them our Discipleship Package via the Internet. We have sent these materials to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand and the Philippines.
  6. He has blessed us with a beautiful new home and place to minister and gather with our family here in  SC. Six of our eight Grand-babies are in the Greenville, SC area. Lord willing, we are going to visit the other two in Nebraska this month.
  7. He has given us many prayer partners in order to bring these ministries to pass!! Pray on Brethren!  

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