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“The Land of Lot Lizards”

                                                  The Land of Lot Lizards                                                                           
     Truck drivers who stay overnight in many of the truck-stops across the USA will encounter “Lot Lizards” also known as “Ladies of the Night”. The Bible calls them “Strange women” in the book of Proverbs.  A few months ago a driver made me aware of the problem at the truck-stop where our ministry is located by telling me: “After the sun goes down the ‘Lot Lizards’ come crawling out of their hiding places.” Because our ministry usually ends before sundown we were not really aware of the situation. Solomon the author of the book of Proverbs warned his sons of “Strange women” on numerous occasions giving at least (16) characteristics of these women who were and still are willing to sell their honor for cash money:
Sixteen Characteristics of the “Strange Women” in Proverbs
1. FLATTERER (2:16, 7:5, 21)                                                                 9. SUBTLE (7:10)
2. SWEET TALKER (5:3)                                                                      10. SLEAZY DRESSER (7:10)
3. SMOOTH TALKER (5:3)                                                                  11. STUBBORN (7:11, 9:13)
4. UNSTABLE (5:6)                                                                               12. LOUD TALKER (7:11, 9:13)
5. USES OUTWARD LOOKS TO SEDUCE (7:13)                              13. ROAMS STREETS (7:12)
6. FLIRTS/INITIATES CONTACT (7:13-15)                                        14. AGGRESSIVE (7:13)
7. ON THE HUNT/LOOKING FOR VICTIM (7:13-15, 23:27, 28)      15. SEDUCTIVE (7:16-21)
8. ADULTERESS (7:19)                                                                         16. EVIL (23:27, 28)
Results of Adultery in Proverbs
A. Leads to physical destruction/death (2:18, 5:4, 5)           
B. Leads to spiritual destruction/hell (5:5, 7:27)
C. Leads to loss of honor (5:9)
D. Leads to loss of years (5:9)
E. Leads to loss of labors (5:10)
F. Leads to loss of wealth (5:10)
G. Produces mourning (5:11)
H. Causes flesh and body to be consumed (5:11) 
Causes of Adultery in Proverbs
  1. Hatred of instruction  (5:12)
  2. Heart despises reproof (5:12)
  3. Not obeying teachers (5:13)
  4. Not inclining ear to instructors (5:13)
Ways to Win Over Sexual Temptation in Proverbs
  1. Memorize/Meditate On The Word of God (2:1, 2, 3:1, 4:1, 2, 20-22, 6:21-23, 7:1-3)
  2. Remove thy way far from her (5:8)
  3. Come not nigh her door (5:8)
  4. Lust not after her (6:25)
  5. Let not her eyes take thee (6:25)
  6. Let not thine heart decline to her ways (7:25)
  7. Go not astray in her paths (7:25)
  8. Drink waters out of thine own cistern (5:15)
  9. Let thy fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of thy youth (5:18)
10. Keep thy father’s commandment and forsake not the law of they mother (6:20)
     Unfortunately there are “Lot Lizards” all over this land, not just on the lot at truck-stops, for many women choose to sell their wares by simply displaying themselves openly in public. Some paint their eyes to seduce men. Some pour their bodies into tight fitting clothing to lure men’s minds into lustful thinking thereby committing adultery in their hearts.
     As one man has rightly expressed, “If it is on display, if it is in the showcase for any and all to see, ITS FOR SALE.” Yes, many are “Buying into their wanton display” committing adultery according to the Lord Jesus Christ’s teaching: “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”(Matthew 5:28)! In today’s culture many women are willingly putting themselves on display becoming advocates of the devil himself, causing men to fall into sin by their choice of dress or undress, alluring makeup and sinful actions.
     When my wife and I visited one of the larger churches in the area, even before we were in the door, we encountered a number of women immodestly dressed as we were searching for a church home a few years ago. You definitely can tell the spiritual temperature of a church by observing how the women are dressed. If the preaching is “hot” the ladies are not! 
     Did you know that less than one hundred years ago it was considered ungodly for women to “Show the ankle”? And, even when you see old newsreels of professional baseball games in the 1960’s the men in the seats are wearing coats and ties and the women are dressed modestly. We have come a long, long way, have we not? Today, there appears to be a contest to see who can show more skin in public than the rest of the crowd. How about it driver, are you living by the principles found in the Word of God or by the intense pressures of the world? It does not take a rocket scientist to tell the difference between the clean and the unclean, the holy and the unholy, the pure and the vile!!
     Father’s Day has recently passed and an appropriate question for fathers would be: “Are you allowing your wife or daughter[s] to dress in the way of the “Lot Lizard” whose only desire is to seduce men? Here in the South many Christians will excuse their dress because of the hot weather saying it is OK to dress like your going to the beach while in the North many Christians go to the beach and put themselves openly on display for all to see, both alike are committing sin according to the Word of God!
     For, God’s teaching on nakedness is clear: “Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto Mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon.”(Exodus 20:26) He does not want men or women to uncover their bodies in any way, manner, shape or form. Simply said, brethren, do not uncover your flesh in a way that causes your nakedness to be discovered thereby giving occasion to the adversary! Wise men and women of God will do what’s necessary to not bring reproach upon themselves as they interact in a corrupt and perverted culture like the present-day USA. But, it is not just in the states, its everywhere throughout the world as we close in on the end of this age and the coming of the Lord draws nigh. 
Chaplain Larry Wolfe-Easley, SC  I-85 Exit 35 SC McPilot Please pray for our ministry!

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